NARS Everlasting Love 15th Anniversary Palette Review & Swatches

For their 15th Anniversary (which I believe was in 2009) NARS released a new palette named Everlasting Love.

Description from the website:
“The NARS 15 Year Anniversary Palette, Everlasting Love, delivers an elegant look that focuses on dramatic, smoky shades for the eye. Pearl sheen, silver, blue slate, a sparkling black pair up with a subtle glow for the cheeks and soft, neutral lips. The specialized logo treatment on the compact celebrates 15 years of modern, iconic beauty.

Contains: Eyes: Eyeshadow in Edie, Underworld (I), Underworld (II), Night Breed. Cheeks: Blush in Orgasm, the Multiple in South Beach. Lips: Lipstick in Belle de Jour, Promiscuous, Dolce Vita, Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls.”

Packaging Pics:

I love the outer red box (did I mention red is my favorite color?) and I find it a nice change from their basic black. The exterior of the palette itself is the usual black, rubbery compact with the red NARS logo and the number 15. I love the red logo. Red red red. I’d love to see some fun color things like this on their future LE palettes. The back simply states what is in the palette.


I’ve had my eye on the Underworld Duo for quite some time. I’ve been looking for the perfect gray/blue color to use on my brown eyes. If I go too blue it leans toward 80’s slam dancer. As with all NARS shadows they are buttery smooth and it was quite easy to pick up the pigment to swatch on my arm. I can’t wait to try this on my eyes using Night Breed as a liner!


(top to bottom – Orgasm, Orgasm over top of South Beach Multiple, and South Beach Multiple alone)

I’m not a fan of Orgasm. It’s a “universal shade” but I just don’t like it on me. I don’t know if it’s maybe too pink? I don’t know, people love it and it’s always the winner in every magazine makeup pick. With South Beach Multiple… however… LOVE. It brings out the peachy in the Orgasm and makes it work on my skin tone. YAY! I actually love the multiple in palette form. I’ve tried it in the stick form and wasn’t a fan at ALL, but the palette feels creamier to me and easier to control.


Chelsea Girls (second down) is now my new staple. WOW does THAT live up to the hype or WHAT?! Love it. The rest are pretty sheer for a palette. Normally, when I would buy a NARS lippie in the tube, it would have this horrible plasticky smell. It’s not the case when them in the palette, so I find that pleasent. I’m not a lip palette girl. My OCD prevents me from enjoying using the lip items in a palette because of the mess and my constant need to clean it up. However, I am positive Chelsea Girl is worth it and I fully intend to use every last drop of it.

This palette is still available on for a retail price of $75 plus tax. Jump on it, if you want it… this item is not listed as available anymore at places like Nordstrom and Saks.

** I need to mention that this palette was sent to me free from the offices in New York. I’m unsure why, as I don’t get free products from companies, everything on here is stuff I buy myself or birthday/xmas gifts. Even though this was a free item, my review is completely honest. If it’s awesome, I’ll tell you. If it sucks, I’ll definately make sure you know that. I put a call in to customer service to see if this was something sent to customers of the site who spent a certain dollar amount or what is going on. I will update this as soon as I get a response.

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