Chanel Black Pearl Le Vernis Nail Color Review & Swatches

Here it is… the soon to be 2011 Holy Grail, no one can find this, jack the price up on ebay, item!

That may have been a little dramatic, but Chanel Black Pearl IS still available and launching at counters as early as TODAY. My Nordies said they got the shipment last night and were unpacking for the counter at some point today, so I put an order in for the grey liner and the Pearl Drop polish.

This beauty I got on the day they launched it on there. I did NOT want to miss out. Ebay prices are already ridiculous IMO and probably going to get worse. Get this ASAP. The buzz is HUGE.

The pic is 3 coats of polish. Sorry I didn’t prep my nails AT ALL before trying this… I seriously was too excited.

The color is like a murky grey green goodness. I’ve truly never seen anything like it. Sometimes it looks more green… sometimes more grey…. sometimes I’d swear it was a blackened turquoise…. it’s just super neat. I really just said super neat.

Black Pearl is available at for $23 plus tax. It is LIMITED EDITION.

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