Laura Mercier Mini Kohl Eye Pencil Set Review & Swatches

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Recently Sephora sent out $20 gift cards to their VIB’s and $15 Gift Cards to their Beauty Insiders. What to get with my $20 GC? You had to spend $40 to use it and $50 gives you the free shipping… so I had $50 to think about. I didn’t really NEED anything (whoa, right?) but who could let $20 off go to waste?!

I have been on a MAJOR hunt for a grey eye liner. I am not happy with the shades that I’ve tried from MAC so I had to check other brands. I didn’t see any I was into from Chanel or Dior (tho some will be launched with the Spring lines) so I started to look through liners on Sephora’s site, starting from the top rated. Of course Urban Decay was up there, but I didn’t like theirs either (tho there IS one I’m interested in, UZI, from their Spring line as well.. grrr).

Then I saw the Laura Mercier Mini Kohl set. A year or so ago I saw swatches of LM liners and thought they looked gorgeous. I had been wanting to try a few but could never decide which one. I eventually forgot about them until just then. Here’s a SET with all of the ones I wanted to try! For only $32!

ONE Laura Mercier liner is 0.04oz and is $19. This set has FIVE liners at 0.03oz each and is $32. GREAT deal.

The colors you get in this set are (in order from left to right and top to bottom in the photos) Black Gold, Black Turquoise, Brown Copper, Black Violet, and Stormy Grey.

I tested the Stormy Grey on my eyes today and it’s a great not quite black color. Perfect for what I was looking for! I didn’t use primer or shadows or ANYthing underneath it today and so far it’s stayed put. No reaction either! WOOT! I REALLY had to scrub to get this off of my arm after swatches too. So, while my arm looks like I have a rare rash disease, I’m impressed with the staying power. The liner went on smoothly and did not drag or skip on my lid.

This set IS Limited Edition, so I think it would be wise to jump on it while you can. Retail price is $32, you can check out the GLOWING reviews and purchase at

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