Chanel Soho De Chanel Highlighting Powder Swatches & Review

This is definately a pretty. Worth the price tag? Probably not. You can definately achieve this cheek with something a lot cheaper, but then you wouldn’t have this amazing collectors item from the Chanel Soho collection.

The Chanel Soho De Chanel Highlighting Powders and Blush is a mash of 3 shades making it the perfect highlight. Or for my NW25 coloring, the perfect flush! As you can see from the swirl swatch, the colors blend and suddenly the palette isn’t as pretty. In addition to the classic chic Chanel packaging it also comes with a brush, which I won’t use for this lol One thing I didn’t like was that there was no protective plastic between the powder and the mirror =( At least not on the one I purchased.

It’s a fun thing to own, and wearing Chanel always makes me feel mature and fancy. I wouldn’t re-buy if it was perm, but I definately think I’ll go for a cheaper highlighter next time.

The Chanel Soho De Chanel Highlighting Powder is LIMITED EDITION. It retails for $65 plus tax and is available at as well as finer department stores.

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