MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner Review & Swatches

I love these. There is really a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart for how stunning these eye liners are. Sadly, I can’t wear them. This is the THIRD time I’ve bought them and tried. Something in the formula makes my eyes water like crazy and go bloodshot. My contacts fog up. It’s just not a pretty sight. No other liner or eye makeup gives me a reaction like this. I’ve tried just using it on the top, just on the bottom…. it doesn’t matter where I put it, I react the same.

The first time I bought these were the original release of Undercurrent and Black Line. Reaction. Return. Bought Undercurrent again, hoping it was just an issue with the batch. Sold on LJ sale. This time I bought Undercurrent, Black Swan, Lord It Up, and Black Line PRAYING the formula was still wonderful, but different enough that I can wear it. Nope. I tried Black Swan and Lord It Up and I was a mess both times. I actually had to wear my glasses for a few days after because of the intense burning in my eye balls.

These glide on smoothly and have decent staying power for such a soft liner. I scrubbed at my arm with a MAC Bulk Wipe and there is still some liner stainage.

For your viewing pleasure, and my memories, here are pics and swatches:
(in order from top to bottom in both photos: Undercurrent, Black Swan, Lord It Up, Black Line)

They are sparkly gorgeous goodness and they can never be mine. =(

These liners retail for $14.50 each plus tax at as well as MAC Stores and department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstroms, etc.

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