China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses & Party Hearty Swatches & Review

An early birthday presents arrived from BFF Tracy in St. Louis!!! She already sent me the UD BOS a few months ago but surprised me even MORE by sending over a few of my nail polish lemmings.

Pictured first is China Glaze Party Hearty 3 coats (top)

It is REALLY cool. Obviously meant to be worn over another color, but the red chunk glitter, green glitter, and very fine gold glitter scream Christmas time! My son calls it the Christmas Polish. It was quite easy to remove, which I was happy about since I didn’t use a base coat.

Next we have China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses (3 coats)

Check your stash, people. You will not find a more gorgeous, glittery green. You will stare at this shade ALL day long and compliment yourself outload to the point of public embarrassment. What more can I say?

China Glaze retail for $6 usually at Sally’s but you can sometimes fine them cheaper elsewhere and sometimes Sally’s will run Monthly deals that include China Glaze. Keep your eyes peeled!

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