The Versatile Blogger Award!!

Emily over at Wife Check, Mom Check, Now What? has passed on an awesome blogger award to BlushingNoir! The Versatile Blogger Award!

The rules for this blog award include listing 7 things about yourself and tagging 12 fellow bloggers. Tagging 12 bloggers… it’s a lot. Emily did 3 so imma keep with my senior tagger.

First here are the seven facts about me:
1. I moved around (for my dad’s job) to 6 houses before settling in New Kensington, PA during the summer of 1989.

2. I met my husband in a beer distributor during the summer of 2003. We had a mutual friend working there who hooked us up with free beer (and me free cigarettes). Classy.

3. Tequila makes hubby a little bit crazy so he gave it up, and I gave up cigarettes, also in 2003. Best decisions ever.

4. I scrapbook. I love it so much I even became a rep for Creative Memories! The addiction becomes worse the more you’re around it.

5. I didn’t ALWAYS love makeup. I literally had next to nothing a few years ago when I used to sell MAC on ebay. I never used it. I tried it one day and never went back. Obviously I had to stop selling it though, having that much product on hand (for an addict) is just a recipe for disaster and bankruptcy.

6. I just learned to snap my fingers this past year.

7. I have a passion for the theatre. I did some acting in high school, in college, and a bit after and wish I had the time/money to persue it a little better.

Ok so here I go on my tagging!

1. GINGERKITTY DESIGNS – Tracey is the most talented artist that I know, and also the sponser of my current GIVEAWAY!!!! Click HERE to check that out!
2. MAGIC MAID – Obviously you all know by now that I love Nicole and her site is one of my daily addictions.
3. BIRDS DECORATE BRANCHES – Emma does some awesome looks, I’ve always been totally jealous of her eye balls!

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