MAC Venomous Villains Lipglass Swatches

Yay I’m getting around to finishing up the swatches of Venomous Villains! LOL
Actually, this IS the end of the VV swatches. I’ll provide a link at the bottom of this post so that you can reference back to the other posts.

The lipglasses that I picked up from this collection are (L-R in the pic) Revenge Is Sweet, Devilishly Stylish, and Strange Potion.

(top to bottom: Revenge Is Sweet, Devilishly Stylish, and Strange Potion)

Revenge Is Sweet (Maleficent) ~ NOT purple like it is in the tube. I actually enjoyed the color of this one and it’s proving to be very versitile. It’s pretty alone and also over Innocence, Beware lippie from Cruella.

Lipglasses have always been extremely sticky, but with RIS it seemed even MORE so. It’s not as noticeable if you wear it over a lippie, but alone it was almost unbearable. And I don’t usually feel that way about sticky glosses.

I’ve also noticed with this one, that it wasn’t full. I had them sitting straight up for awhile after I took the photos (too lazy to put it away) and noticed that even though I’ve only used it twice it was missing around 10% already! I heard that the polishes were like that (and I can confirm that my Bad Fairy was) but I didn’t know the lipglasses were too. The other 2 that I purchased didn’t seem to be that way.

Devilishly Stylish (Cruella De Vil) ~ Very pretty over it’s buddy, Innocence Beware! – also from Cruella. Alone it’s nice as well but tends to get goopy in the corners… like you have to consciously remember to check for pools of spit clumps *so gross* so that people aren’t staring at you like you’re an alien.

Strange Potion (Evil Queen) ~ I adore anything corally. This is an A+ in my book…. pretty enough to wear alone and over just about anything. It’s my fav lip product from this collection.

The lipglosses are pretty much sold out. I had to track down a Revenge Is Sweet for someone and was able to at my local MAC. So call around to your local stores and even go cross country! Macy’s will ship for $5.95 and Nordies will ship for FREE. Make sure you ask – it’s not available online anymore, so they should. Keep in mind these glosses retail for $15.50 plus tax, which is a dollar more than the regular MAC lipglass.

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