NARS Orgasm Illuminator Swatches & Review

(pics are clickable)

I truly don’t understand products like this. Sure, it’s gorgeous, smooth, and fun to play with… but what is its ACTUAL purpose on my face??

NARS Orgasm Illuminator is the new kid on the block of a long line of Orgasm’s. The makeup that is. It joins the ranks of a blush, lipgloss, nail polish… and, of course, the SUPER Orgasm lol

When worn it adds a nice gold sheen, a glowy highlighter. Not overpowering and blends extremely well. I put a Dior blush over it and it helped the blush stay on well and didn’t muss with the color. As you can see from the photo, the Illuminator is pretty sheer. So if it’s a lot of color you’re after, you may want to skip this. (I’m NW25 at MAC and it hardly shows up on me, just a tinge of color and shimmer).

I’m not a fan at all of the Orgasm blush (universal shades like that NEVER suit my skin tone), but the Illuminator is fun. I would imagine if you were dark, or had a nice golden tan, this would look gorgeous and beachy on you.

The top is gooped on, the bottom is blended. You can just catch the shimmer!

This is just sample size (most recently they are coming in orders from!!!), and that’s enough for me. The regular size is HUGE and will last forever.

The NARS Orgasm Illuminator retails for $29 at and at

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