Swatches ~ China Glaze Awakening Collection

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For Halloween 2010 China Glaze has launched their Awakening collection. The collection consists of three polishes – Mummy May I, Zombie Zest, and Ick-A-Bod-Y.

Mummy May I

Mummy May I looks black based with purple sparkle in the bottle, but on the nails its a deep purple base with the flashy purple sparkle. It came out a lot prettier than I thought it would. With all of these polishes (IMO) you need the full three coats to achieve the color in the bottle. It’s a bit patchy in places if you stop at 2, unless you’re really gooping it on.

Zombie Zest

Zombie Zest is my fav from the collection. It has a fine green glitter.. the color of the green makes me think of seaweed or moss. Something from a swamp. A more appropriate name for this one might have been Swamp Thang 😉

If you know me the fact that Zombie is my fav should come as a surprise. Initially I was drawn more to Ick-A-Bod-Y, but on the nails Zombie Zest captured my Halloween lovin’ heart. Pittsburgh is big on the Zombie’s so I could see this being a fav in the area as well.


Ick-A-Bod-Y with it’s black base and orange glitters makes me think Halloween the MOST. Orange….Pumpkins… mmm which makes me think of pie… ok back on base here…. =)

Three coats of Ick will do ya, but you might want to slather on a fourth just in case. It gets you some more coverage as well as more glitter, which is always good. You can never have enough glitter 😉

This whole collection screams (hehe) Halloween. The colors are so cool I’d wear them even when it’s not the ghostly season. (PS – I apologize for the random positioning of my hand… it bugs me that it’s not uniform but those were the best shots of the polishes, which I feel is more important.)

China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for the retail price of $5.99 each (right now they’re on sale for $4.99). From what I’ve read, the Halloween Awakening Collection will launch in September 2010.

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