Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows Swatches

Ohhh what a night… this isn’t a song cue… it was a seriously crappy (literally) day. We had horrible rain and storms last night. Hubby and I were woken up by flashing lights in our window, what do we see but 3 fire trucks outside our house. We run out, figuring lightning hit a neighbors roof… turns out her basement is flooded about 8-10 inches deep in SEWAGE. Ours hit about 3 inches. We got lucky because we have 2 sump pumps running… still gross. The addition, since it’s not covered, held about 2 foot of water and needed pumped out. Everything is all well and bleached now, but hubby and I are on about 3 hours of sleep.

A burst of energy arrived about 2 hours ago when I decided to do a swatch post of the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows. I played around with the images on photobucket.com a bit but couldn’t figure out how to stitch them together.

I absolutely adore this BOS. This is what got me into Urban Decay in a bad way. It comes with 16 shadows, 2 liners and a mini primer potion. I’m a HUGE Alice In Wonderland fan, which was why I bought it in the first place. Luckily, before I even knew this was going to sell out fast and everyone was going to go crazy for it, I had it on hold at my local Sephora.

The shades are NOT new shades, which was ok for me because I didn’t own any Urban Decay before this, but really.. it’s a collector’s item. It’s actually NOT as expensive on ebay as it was before, so you could always grab it there for about double the original retail value.

AKA: Underland = Flash, Chessur = Chopper, Muchness = X, Absolem = Homegrown

AKA: Alice = Painkiller, White Rabbit = Polyester Bride, Mushroom = Mushroom, Drink Me Eat Me = Sin

AKA: Oraculum = Baked, Wonderland = Maui Wowie, Midnight Tea Party = Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Mad Hatter = Twice Baked

AKA: Queen = Last Call, Curiouser = Grifter, Vorpal = S&M, Jabberwocky = Oil Slick

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows III (seen here on temptalia.com) is releasing October 1, 2010 and I am going to need that one as well. It’s all about NYC baby!!! WOOOOOO!!!

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