MAC Marine Life vs MAC Ripe Peach

As some of you may know, I help out the swapping world by being on the the lovely Admin of SwapTawk.

On the boards today someone mentioned they heard Marine Life (To The Beach) and Ripe Peach are dupes. Personally, I don’t think they are. I took some photos/swatches so you could all make your own determination.

I will throw my 2 cents out there, dear readers, and let you know that this will more than likely come out in a second wave to counters and the sites. Keep your eyes peeled and save your hard earned money! Do not spend $50 plus on ebay for this blush.

Side note, before we get to the swatches, I had a pre-order of Marine Life bought at Nordies and they oversold the pre-order! However, Nordies felt SO bad they gave me the Marine Life tester for FREE! I didn’t even have to ask! The manager was beyond wonderful and the Nordies MAC counter now has a special place in my heart! <3

On to the swatches!

Ripe Peach (LEFT); Marine Life (RIGHT)

Ripe Peach (TOP); Marine Life (BOTTOM)

First Pic is with flash.. second is without

In the pics they look similar. They only photograph about a shade off of each other, but the blurry pic shows the difference a little more. Marine life is much more peachy pink on my fingers than in the photo. Ripe Peach is totally peach on me without a hint of pink at all. I believe Marine Life to be more pigmented as well. The pics were also taken without the overspray on Marine Life, since it was my Nordies tester freebie lol.

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