China Glaze Week!

And so begins my week of China Glaze!

I am on a mission to swatch ALL of my polishes for you guys. That means tried and untried.. imma swatch em! I’ll post the pics here for your viewing pleasure, of course!!

Here are a few to start you off, and then I’ll try and do at least 3 a day. I’m not sure at this point how many China Glaze’s I actually own, so I might need to swatch more than 3 a day, but I will get them ALL done this week!


I loved this one. I just think it looks really cool. DH picked it because it matches the color of his car lol


This one was pretty, but didn’t wow me. It was supposed to be a Neon but it really wasn’t Sorry it’s messy. I didn’t leave it on long so I didn’t clean it up at all. The gal I gave it to adores it =)


ok really… who DOESN’T have For Audrey?? Any Tiffany’s gal knows that this is a must have. It is just a gorgeous shade and matched the Tiffany’s box perfectly. I keep hearing people say it’s LE but my Sally’s has it in their Perm section. So go get it ASAP!


Totally gorgeous! I have a ton of reds, but Cherry Pie just blows my mind. It’s juicy looking with lots of fun glitter.

That’s it for today, dolls! I’ll give ya at least 3 more tomorrow 😉 xoxo

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