Zoya Part 1

This will be the first of MANY Zoya swatch posts within the next few days. I plan on posting 3-4 more tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday are extremely busy for me so nothing will be new then, but Monday I’ll be back with at least 3 more.

I did hear back from Zoya via Twitter regarding the Mattes I ordered. They stated some Matte orders needed to be refilled. Those Mattes sure are popular this season! I’m saving them for my Matte week so no rush =) I still need to call about that Remove+. UGH. I hate the phone lol I was too late to call today so it’ll have to be tomorrow.


Up first we have Emme:

I did Emme a few months ago, but seeing as how it is a Zoya polish and never before posted on this blog, I wanted to include it.
Emme is a gorgeous bubblegum pink shimmer. After I applied this I went for a walk with my DH and could not stop staring at my nails. I’m sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but it still doesn’t take away from the beauty.

Next we have Lulu:

I purchased this one for mom. Her name is Luann so Lulu was the closest thing. My nails look SO bad here. Dirty even. I didn’t prep them really in any way before this swatch fiesta. Sorry =\ I was excited. LOL
Lulu is a lovely sheer nude. This color actually fits my mom perfectly. I told her I picked this up for her so she is extremely excited. She’s peeved I didn’t tell her about the Tweet code lol I didn’t know she’d be interested!! I promised to make her aware of the next one.

Next is Clara:

I picked this one up to give to my Dad’s fiancee after I swatched. I am sorry I even told her about it because I want to keep it for myself. This is honestly one of the most gorgeous polishes I’ve ever seen. I’m shocked, to say the least. It’s going to look lovely on her too, perfect for her coloring! Zoya is really knocking it out of the park with these names! This one is definately on my next order.

My final swatch of the day comes from the new fall line. Kalmia:

This color is totally me. I just adore it. Though it looks suspiciously similar to China Glaze Street Racing, shown below. This is a great shimmery orange-red color. I absolutely adore this shade. I don’t care who makes it or what season it is, it’ll always be one of my most used!

Comparison pic of China Glaze Street Racing and Zoya Kalmia:

And, just for kicks, a french mani I did using Essie Brandie Alexander & Zoya Midori… kinda watermelon like 😉

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