Mirror, Mirror On The Wall… Why Won’t My Son Sleep In?!

Today I received my second order from VNS. It was the Orly Once Upon A Time set and China Glaze Moody Blue. I decided to put Poison Apple on my toes (do you know this was good in ONE coat?! I almost fell over. I did 2 for good measure though) and Mirror, Mirror on my fingers.
I won’t gross you out with a foot pic (some people just don’t like the feets!) but promise to put Poison Apple on my tips at some point.
Here is Mirror, Mirror – 2 coats, 1 flash 😉 Please excuse my red thumb, there was a mishap with Poison Apple on my big toe lol

I didn’t like this after I did my left hand, but as I finished up the right hand it grew on me. I may leave it on! I contemplated taking it off right after the pic… but seriously… it’s nice!

On another note. We bed trained my oldest on Friday. He’s doing SO well. Last night was a test, though I know people have gone through worse. DH was in the basement installing a toilet in our new bathroom and was having issues… making all kinds of noise… so DS went to bed late. As did I since I wasn’t about to go to bed when all of that racket was BOUND to wake up both kiddoes. DS went down around 10 or 1030, me at 1230. DD up at 2. DS up at 230. DD up at 6. DS up at 630. He refused to go back to sleep. I probably should have pushed the issue of sleeping in more with him, but wasn’t in the mood. Do you know he’s still going strong and its almost 3pm?! I tried to get him to nap. I got about 30 min in and so did DD. DS just laid in bed and played. At least he was good. I don’t get how kids are ready and raring to go with little or NO sleep?! What are these children on?! Gimme whatever they’re taking!

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