BEAUTY BOX 5 Photos, Swatches & Review – April 2014

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Beauty Box 5 April 2014 Shades of BeautyThe theme for the April 2014 Beauty Box 5 is Shades of Beauty! The focus of this months box is to take some time on yourself. Play around with your beauty items and enjoy the routine or change it up a little bit!

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 contentsBeauty Box 5 April 2014 whats insideBeauty Box 5 April 2014 Swatches Review PhotosFrom BH Cosmetics, California Collection Eyeshadow Palette. You may recognize this one from it’s first appearance on my blog in my July 2013 ipsy bag. Not super crazy about the quality overall, but I do like the Malibu shade.

From Bonne Bell, Lip Definer in Boysenberry. Right off I knew this wasn’t my color, however formula wise it was easy to use. It layers well with the lipstick sent, which made me very happy. It’s swatched below on the left side of the pic.

From Nicka K New York, Hydro Lipstick in Concerto. I thought this lippie was smooth to wear and the color was perfect for me. Below this lipstick is swatched alone in the middle and to the right it’s layered over-top of the Bonne Bell Lip Definer, which surprisingly made a gorgeous rose mauve shade!

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 SwatchesFrom Jergens, Natural Glow – 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer. This sample is a fantastic way to intro yourself to a buildable color to your skin that is natural and gradual . I used this last year and will definitely go back to it this year.

From Blum Naturals, All Purpose Cleansing Wipes. I got a citrus scent that is so yummy. These wipes are perfect for face makeup removal and I’m loving the ball chain attachment that makes it perfect for travel!

Beauty Box 5 April 2014 product photosThis months box was an excellent mix on makeup and skincare, with more of an emphasis on the makeup end. Last month was so skin care/body care heavy that it was nice to see a focus on makeup for this one and I was really happy to get to try the full sized lipstick from Nicka K.

Based off of this box it’s clear that the service is worth the $12.00 price tag.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for May! There was also a small card included stating that if you share a pic of this month’s box on Instagram you can win full-sized versions of this months products! Make sure to use the hashtag #bb5fave and tag @beautybox5!

What is Beauty Box 5 Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription service that is curated by a team of beauty experts.  With each shipment you’ll receive 5 samples for $12.00 (monthly).  You can also choose to save some cash and sign up for $30.00 and be billed quarterly or $99.00 and be billed yearly.  Shipping is FREE and your membership also gets you exclusive discounts from partner brands.


Care to Double Fat Loss Naturally? #FitTeaDetox

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When it comes to exercise I lack serious motivation. In my head I know I benefit from exercise (duh) but I usually feel too lethargic to get off of my butt and get to work. From past experience, I know that if I do get myself on a regular exercise schedule then the energy will come naturally and the exercise will become addicting. Getting started is my problem, FitTea is my answer.

FitTea Detox Review Photos #FitTeaDetoxFitTea is an all-natural detox tea that gives you energy, boosts your metabolism, aids in digestive health and boosts fat-loss naturally in problem areas. Their tag line is “Give us a few weeks and we’ll give you a new waistline”. Challenge accepted.

Natural teas like FitTea have been used all over the world for thousands of years for weight loss and increased energy which helps anyone with a fitness program. For me, it gives me the energy and drive to get myself to the gym. Because of all of that extra energy I can push myself to work above and beyond which really brings my workouts up several notches.

FitTea 14 Day Detox Photos #FitTeaDetox FitTea Ingredients Tips #FitTeaDetoxThe tea itself smells like lemons and is really easy to make. You just put 1 teaspoon of tea in a strainer with a cup of near boiling water and let it steep about for about 3-5 minutes. You can add honey or lemon to help the tea taste better (I personally didn’t need to, but I love teas). Be sure to drink a lot of water to promote hydration along with eating healthy, balanced meals. Exercising 3-5 times each week is also recommended.

As shown in the pic above the ingredients of the FitTea 14 Day Detox are Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Pomegranate, Guarana, Birch, Stevia, Corn and Honey Powder. These all-natural ingredients provide a fast-working and natural detox. Besides detox these ingredients also provide other benefits such as weight loss, increased energy levels, suppressing the appetite, natural antioxidants. promotes fat burning & soothes digestion with antimicrobial properties.

FitTea 14 Day Detox #FitTeaDetoxAnother benefit is the effect FitTea has on your immune system. It super charges and boosts your overall immune system and gives you more energy. With two kids bringing home school germs every day, I’ll take all the help I can get in building a rock solid immune system!

If you really want to amp up all of the above then you need to check out the pro pack (which contains the 28 Day Detox as well as the FitTea Fat Burner capsules), which will naturally double your results and your energy.

FitTea Fat Burner African Mango Complex Dietary Supplement #FitTeaDetox

For the capsules it’s recommended to take two 30 minutes prior to a meal with 8oz of water. These really do keep my noshing to a minimum and I fill up a lot faster than I normally do. They also don’t make me super jittery or not able to sleep like other pills have done in the past, which makes me very happy!

FitTea also offers a caffeine-free alternative. The ingredients are Holy basil (Tulsi) spearmint, rosehips, lemon myrtle and linden blossoms.

FitTea can be purchased online here. If you’re still not convinced check out the testimonials from other fans of FitTea.

***This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own. As with all diet/exercise plans please be sure to consult your physician before beginning to make sure that this system is right for you.

Into to Vincent Longo Brows & Eyes

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The brand Vincent Longo goes back to the 90′s. 1995 to be exact and maybe even before you were born?! At the risk of sounding ancient I was a sophomore in high school in 1995 and too young to really know about beauty brands that weren’t drugstore or counter ready (hey, we didn’t have YouTube. It was considered impressive if you had an email address back then).

I’d have been a lucky girl to know about them way back when. They have some fantastic products as well as some interesting tools/gadgets for brows and eyes. I got the opportunity to test a few out below, so keep scrolling for pretty words and pictures ;)

Vincent Longo Brow Products Review

  • Volume Plus Mascara ($20.00). This mascara is pretty good. It definitely gives lift and a bit of volume. I’m so used to ridiculous sized lashes that this is a great option to have a more toned down but still big lash day.
  • Eyebrow Micro Pencil ($20.00). The shade used in this post is Blonde. Right off, I’m actually panicking that I don’t currently have any backups of this. What I love most about this pencil is that it’s not waxy at all. Sometimes the pencils with wax leave too much residue behind making for weirdness. Oh, and don’t worry about not having anything to sharpen this skinny guy with, the appropriate sized sharpener is included!
  • Mini Eyelash Curler. So, this is kind of cool looking. I’ve really only ever noticed full size lash curlers laying around, but this is a mini size – perfect for getting into the corners to add some extra curl.
  • Bi-Brow Powder and Pomade ($22.00). The shade used in this post is Blonde. At first I thought the pomade side would be waxy, but it’s slick and pliable. Very easy to use. The duo is much better than I anticipated at first glance and easy to work with.
  • Brow/Lash Comb #10 ($10.00). I wasn’t too crazy about this. The bristle side was okay for brows (I prefer a spooly) but the comb side didn’t do much for my lashes.
  • Liner/Eyebrow Brush #12 ($18.00). Normally I’m not a fan of a flat top brush for things like lining eyes and brows (I go for angled), but this one is just firm enough and it’s easy to make precise marks and shading.

Vincent Longo Eyes & Brows Swatches ReviewVincent Longo Brow products swatchesWhat have you tried or are you wanting to try from Vincent Longo? I’m totally going to need backups of that Eyebrow Micro Pencil and I want to try out the gel liners and cheek products next!

Vincent Longo Cosmetics can be purchased at Nordstrom and


Top 10 Earth Day Approved Beauty Products

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Happy Earth Day! That may or may not mean something to you, but regardless – there it is ;) To kick off this day I’m excited to share with you some earthy beauty stats and also list my Top 10 Earth Day Approved Beauty Products!

Top 10 Earth Day Approved Beauty ProductsDid you know 11% of consumers “always” buy organic beauty products? Or that 34% of women find organic products to be just as effective as non-organic products with 22% of women say their more effective than non-organic products? Perhaps the most interesting to me, personally, is that the top 3 sources for organic and all-natural product recommendations are: bloggers (38%), friends and family (25%), and online communities (17%) (stats via

So, as a blogger ;) Here are my Top 10 Earth Day Approved Products (in no particular order):

  1. LUSH. I mean… of course. This is the first brand that comes to mind when I think of Earth Day! Everything is made fresh with little or no preservative or packaging using only vegetarian ingredients!
  2. Kiehl’s. This year they’ve partnered with Recycle Across America, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to delivering society-wide solutions around recycling, to launch a Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque series featuring Earth-inspired designs by Ashley Judd & Anthony Mackie. 100% of the net profits up to $50,000 will be used to create 65,000 standardized recycling labels to offer to select K-12 schools in the United States.
  3. Zoya. They’re back with another Earth Day Exchange! Use code ZDAY2014 April 21-28 to swap out your old, unused or unwanted polishes for BIG5FREE nail polishes from Zoya! Zoya then disposes of the old shades in an eco-friendly manner.
  4. Overall Beauty Minerals. This year OBM is showing their support of Earth Day by gifting the celebs that will be visiting an amazing Earth Day event with a trio in shades of brown as their way to help show their love for Mother Earth. Other trios are also available, I got to play with a trio of Zone Out, Visions of Violets & Gray Sapphire! (see swatches of the shades I played with below).
  5. Organix (OGX). The Sea Mineral Moisture line is my new favorite and has made my hair so silky smooth! Hydrating sea minerals along with healing algae wrap split ends in repairing moisture, while supercharged sea kelp transforms dry, brittle hair into soft supple perfection.
  6. Aveda. This year their 2014 Earth Month candle is made with organic ginger and ginger lily from India.100% of the purchase price helps protect clean water, supporting Global Greengrants Fund water-related projects around the world.
  7. The next four are beauty bloggers with Earth Day Friendly Products! For hair Phyrra’s Pretty Little Elixir Hair Masque (This elixir will transform your chemically damaged hair into smooth, sexy, soft locks.. and it’s cruelty free & vegan!).
  8. For body A Girl’s Gotta Spa has a yummy citrus body was & lotion.
  9. For skin FutureDerm has a full line of organic products!
  10. Another for Skin – the My Beauty Bunny Cruelty-Free All-Natural Moisturizer. Made with an original blend of soothing aloe, toning witch hazel, moisturizing squalane (from olives), bilberry fruit, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange fruit extract, lemon fruit extract; and antioxidants: camellia oleifera (white tea), camellia sinensis (green tea), and aspalathus linearis (AKA rooibus or “red tea”). Made with a light berry grapefruit scent.

Or, DIY. If all else fails, Do It Yourself! POPSUGAR Beauty has 10 green beauty recipes, most of which are literally green!

Overall Beauty Minerals Visions of Violets, Zone Out, Gray Sapphire ReviewOverall Beauty Minerals Visions of Love, Zone Out, Gray Sapphire SwatchesOverall Beauty Minerals Earth Day 2014 eye lookPaul Mitchell is also getting in on the Earth Day action by joining Reforest’Action (an environmental organization that plants trees worldwide) and urging you to plant trees! For the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree #GreenTakover Reforest’Action will plant a tree in your name. For more information go to the website!

What are your favorite products that would be Earth Day Approved?


On-the-Go With Reebok Skyscape & Giveaway

You know how high quality lingerie feels amazing and molds to your body when you wear it? What if there was a shoe that molded to your feet like that? Surprise! There is! The Reebok Skyscape is created borrowing the materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie, making this shoe supremely comfortable and lightweight (and by lightweight I mean at 5.0 ounces you’ll hardly be able to tell that you’re wearing it). Reebok Skyscape Photos ReviewUnlike lingerie the Reebok Skyscape are machine washable in your own home (for best results remove insole and wash insole in delicate, cold-water cycle with soap or detergent. Let insole and shoe air dry. Make sure to keep away from heat or direct sunlight. It is recommended to remove laces prior to washing.) Reebok Skyscape Review LoungingI’m obsessed with the color options of this shoe. The shade I’m wearing in the pictures is called Purple Vibe and it’s so perfect and on trend for the season. The look and style are on par with a sneaker but the color options give it an edge of flair. The new technologies I mentioned previously help support the foot and provide comfort all day long. I can do all of my errands and play with the kids at the park without being “rewarded” with tired and achy feet. When I take the Reebok Skyscape off at night it’s like I wasn’t even on my feet at all. Reebok Skyscape Hanging OutYou wouldn’t think that finding a stylish and comfortable shoe would be difficult, but in 33 years I’ve never found a shoe that provides all around comfort that I wasn’t embarrassed to wear. I’ve worked plenty of retail and restaurant jobs through the years where my feet are throbbing at the end of a shift. I wish I had these back then, I think all of my co-workers would agree.

In a nut-shell, what I love most about the Reebok Skyscape is that they can be worn comfortably & proudly anywhere and allow me to remain continuously on the go. Can we get these in stiletto form? Pretty please?

You can purchase your own pair of Reebok Skyscapes online or in store at Reebok FitHub, outlet locations or at select Kohl’s stores.

Now for the giveaway! In the comments section tell me where you’d wear your Reebok Skyscape shoes! Commenting will enter you to win a YourReebok Custom Card which you can use to create your own pair of Reebok Skyscapes.

Sweepstakes Rules:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
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  4. For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 4/21/2014-5/18/2014.

Be sure to visit the Reebok Skyscape brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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